Mamane blossoms (top), Young sandalwood growing in the nursery (left), Sandalwood nuts harvested for seedlings (right).

Hawaiian Reforestation Program is a team of environmentalists dedicated to planting Hawai‘i Island with keystone species of native plants. Our main drive is to reforest the high elevation critical habitat of Mauna Kea.  Our main focus is with ‘Iliahi, the native Sandalwood tree.

‘Iliahi once covered all of the islands and was harvested to scarcity about two hundred years ago.  At the same time the hoofed animals, sheep, cows, goats, and pigs have since devastated the once lush mountain montane habitat . This has left most of the mountain’s landscape barren and harsh.

Since 2010 a 45 mile fence protecting the mountain’s higher elevations has been erected and is almost completed.  Now is the time to replant the area and our group is up there every week adding to the diversity of the landscape.  The plants we propagate are unique to the islands and some cases unique to the mountain itself.